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Nistrim Raider Expansion Pack

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Expand and Upgrade your Star Trek Attack Wing Game!

A Kazon ship that is commanded by First Maje Jal Calluh. The Kazon are a conquered people and Culluh is the leader of the Nistrim Sect of the Kazon Order. He will stop at nothing in his attempts to regain some of the power the Nistrim sect has lost. Culluh believe that the key to their success will be in acquiring new technologies and uses his Kazon Raider to ambush the unwary with photonic charges and desperate raiding attacks. Though they are not technologically advanced, the Kazon Raiders also employ a masking circuitry that allows them a limited form of cloaking

This expansion pack contains 13 Cards, 19 Tokens, 1 Maneuver Dial and 1 Painted Plastic Ship with Base and Pegs.


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